The second part of the certified INNOKEP course “Animal nutrition and feed technology“ is currently in progress at the Institute of Food Technology, University of Novi Sad, Serbia.

Last three days, students had an opportunity to listen to theoretical aspects of feed production operations. They get an overview of processes such as milling (dr. V. Banjac), mixing (dr. O.Đuragić), conditioning (V.Stojkov), pelleting (dr. S.Rakita), extrusion (S. Vidosavljević), steam addition (dr. R. Čolović), vacuum coating (D. Dragojlović) and feed quality and safety evaluation (dr. B. Kokić). Additionally, they had a chance to gain knowledge about alternative and innovative feed ingredients (Prof. Dr. L. Pinnoti), application of feed additives (dr. Đ. Vukmirović), and physical quality of broiler feed (F. Calini).

During the course, at least 20 students actively participated either on campus or via the Zoom application. For the next two days, the course will be focused on practical work in the feed pilot plant of the Institute of Food Technology and a visit to the local feed factory.

According to positive student feedback, we are proud to say that we achieved one of the goals of the INNOKEP project – providing students with basic knowledge of the specific technological aspects of the feed industry sector.