University of Milan and University of Novi Sad are glad to announce the launch of an innovative course for improving skills and knowledge on animal nutrition and the application of new technologies.

The course is part of a wider project that involves the SAN Team and it is supported by Central European Initiative funds (CEI), named INNOKEP.

The course is intended for BSc and MSc students and professionals interested in the agro-feed sector who will have the opportunity to acquire scientific and technological knowledge in animal nutrition and feed processing and improve their professional development.

It is organized in two main parts: one totally delivered online and the second one will be located at University of Novi Sad, in order to visit and use their avangarded laboratories.

Here a synthetic presentation of the main topics:

  • comparative animal nutrition
  • feed ingredients and feed formulation
  • feed additives
  • feed evaluation
  • feed technology
  • thermal processing

We invite all the people interested to consult the complete programme and to fill the form to send the submission module.

NOTE: the deadline is the 15th of november.

A special interview of presentation of our INNOKEP course by prof. Luciano Pinotti, full professor and member of VESPA dept.

A special interview of prof. Antonella Baldi, full professor and member of VESPA dept.